Homemade for the Holidays

December 8, 2020

The Summerly community knows how to make the holidays extra special. From Christmas tamales to fresh-baked goods and more for sale, the small businesses right next door mean you don’t have to go far for festive home-cooked goodness.


A few of our Summerly families are again making tamales for the holidays! Orders come in and the tamales are freshly steamed the day of pickup or delivery. Green Chili & Shredded Chicken,

Green Chili & Cheese with Poblano Pepper, and Red Chili Pork are some of these delicious offerings.


Make your holidays a little sweeter with treats from Summerly’s professional bakers. Cheesecakes perhaps for Christmas Eve delivery? Peach cobbler, sweet potato and banana pudding varieties will be scattered on holiday tables throughout the community.  The innovative and fun Hot Cocoa Bombs are a hit with Summerly kids of all ages. Add hot milk and your Hot Cocoa just went up several notches. From Peppermint Mint Chocolate, Caramel French Vanilla, and Unicorn (Strawberry flavor) to Andes Mint and Cookies n Cream, this is a holiday treat to experience.

Wishing you and yours a cheer-filled holiday season!

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