Summerly In Action

June 23, 2020

Being a Summerly resident means being part of a family that loves to come together to support each other and the local community. So many Summerly families recently joined in on our drive-by dance-by food donation collection, and that’s the kind of neighborly togetherness we celebrate.

Keller Williams Realty The Lakes got all of Summerly involved on their RED Day, which is an annual event meant to observe their commitment to giving back and bettering the communities they live and work in. They and the Lake Elsinore Sheriff’s Department put together a drive-by food collection to donate contributions from generous residents to HOPE Food Pantry and Animal Friends of the Valleys.

Thank you to all of the Summerly residents who participated and thank you Oscar_____ for sharing your video. We look forward to future events like this and can’t wait to see the love and togetherness the Summerly family is capable of. Be sure to sign up on our interest list and Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with all that’s happening in this amazing community.