Spring It On

Summerly Spring Cleaning

March 14, 2019

Spring is almost here! And with it comes great weather and a chance to finally tidy up your home. Spruce up your place in Summerly this season with these helpful tips.

Scope Out Your Home

First things first—you’ll want to see what around your home is in need of some cleaning. Take a look at all rooms, storage spaces, your garage and any areas you might not check often—then get ready to get to work.

Develop a Plan of Attack

Once you’ve scoped out your home, you can create a checklist and a schedule to help you tackle each room. This will make chores more manageable and less stressful. And always remember to plan more heavy-duty and time-intensive tasks when you know you’ll have more time to accomplish them.

Time to Declutter

It’s all about decluttering for that simplified look. This means storing items you plan to use later in space-saving drawer organizers, donating miscellaneous articles you’re no longer fond of and tossing out odds and ends that are taking up room.

Invest in Storage

There’s nothing like storage to keep things tidy. If you don’t have them already, clear plastic bins with compartments are an inexpensive way to help organize and easily access your items in any room. Plus, using hooks and racks on walls can add extra room in smaller places like the garage, closets and bathrooms.

Do a Deep Clean

After you’ve cleared out all the necessary spots but before you put everything back, it’s time to get cleaning. You can choose environmentally friendly, gentle cleaning solutions—or make your own with vinegar, baking soda and a splash of citrus. You can also grab reusable cloths or old, tattered clothes to wipe everything down. And don’t forget to steam your upholstery and carpets for that deep clean.  

Cleaning and organizing can sometimes be a hassle, but with these helpful hints, you’ll be well on your way to a clutter-free, refreshing home. For more cleaning tips, check out this article.  

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