Get That Seasonal Look

December 13, 2018

’Tis the season to decorate your home and show off your holiday spirit. Before you get started, here are a few tips and tricks to help bring your winter décor up a notch.

Start with a Clean Canvas

While we’re all eager to break out the lights and start hanging wreaths, winter decorations always have more punch against a decluttered background. So before dragging a single box out of storage, first give your home a decent once-over. Straighten out that bookshelf, put away the toys and maybe go a step further and remove any items that could distract from your holiday décor. Your sea turtle throw pillows or mantel-top sports memorabilia may be fine the rest of year but will likely clash with your winter motif.

Stage a Festive Entrance

When it comes to holiday decorations, the living room generally gets the most attention. And no wonder – that’s where your family and guests will spend the most time. But don’t forget the entryway. You’ll want your guests to feel the holidays from the moment they ring your doorbell. With a little garland, a few wall hangings or even some artfully placed winter boots, staircases and hallways provide wonderful opportunities to set the holiday mood.

Light Things Up (and Not Just the Tree)

Holiday lights come in all shapes, colors and sizes to provide a wealth of decoration possibilities with a little creativity. Combine a string of lights with tinsel and drape your windows. Fill some mason jars for a festive centerpiece. Or wrap lights around an old tree branch to hang on the wall behind the couch. All told, a few well-placed LEDs do wonders to add some cheer.

A Nose for Decorating

Filling a room with red, gold and green does a lot to bring the season home, but sometimes the most important decorations can be experienced even when your eyes are closed. Nothing triggers fond memories quite like smell, so don’t forget the potpourri, scented ornaments and candles. There are many DIY ways to make your homesmell like the holidays , and they can be as fun to make as they are to sniff.

However you decorate, here’s to a fun DIY winter and happy holiday season!

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