Home Office Inspiration

September 14, 2018

With laptops and mobile devices being such a big part of how we get work done, it’s all too easy to just set up shop on the kitchen island whenever working from home. And, if it’s only an occasional thing, that’s fine. But if you find yourself working from home once a week or more then it might be time to think about the advantages of turning that spare bedroom or den into a home office.

For starters, a home office establishes boundaries—for you and your loved ones (no promises about pets). When you’re in your office, then your family knows that now’s not a great time to interrupt. And being able to physically leave your work in its own room makes it much easier to disconnect at the end of the day.

Of course, another big advantage of a home office is that you can truly set it up to help you work in whatever comfy, distraction-free manner best serves your needs. Standing desks and whiteboards might not be the best decor in the living room, but in your home office they’ll be right at home.

Finally, just as a home office gives you the distance you need from daily household distractions, it also gives your family the freedom to go about their own activities without worrying about getting in your way. Playing video games is a lot less fun when you have to keep the volume down because mom or dad is trying is trying to finalize a presentation just a few feet away—which is what makes a home office a win for the whole family.