Easy Back to School Tips

September 14, 2018

Sometimes exciting, sometimes stressful, the first few weeks of school are always an adventure. Whether it’s their first year of Pre-K, or they’ve been going back to school for a while now, there are several things you can do to help them get their year off to a great start.

Talk to them. Lots. With so much preparation going on—back-to-school shopping, learning new schedules, cramming in a few last days of summer, etc.—it’s sometimes easy to forget that heading off to class can be pretty scary. Make sure to ask your kids what’s going well, what what’s not going so well, and what questions they have. And remember to be specific. It’s amazing how long some kids will live with a big hole in their backpack because, “you didn’t ask.”

Establish routines early and often. Right now, while everything is new, is when your child is most likely to want to talk about their days, and when they’ll be most receptive to your ideas for how, when and where to do their homework. But setting expectations and helping them manage their time is only a start—you’ll also want to regroup often and make sure their afterschool routines are working as planned.

Let them be kids. Going back to school can be overwhelming—for kids and parents alike. As the pressure builds, remember that an afternoon at the playground or family movie night can work wonders for everyone.